The measurement

Dejamming and energizing

For the dejamming and energizing of rooms, we draw on the ancient knowledge of our ancestors. With the help of symbols and medial-mantic abilities we can transform the energies and neutralize negative influences (even at a distance). As a result, the rooms recover and energized spaces are created.

Measuring instruments

H3 Antenna

With the H3 antenna, fine energy radiations can be sensed. Even in the past, different rods were used for this purpose. In the 1950s, Reinhard Schneider recognized a relationship with the physical antenna and developed the grip length technique. The route is the antenna and the person is the receiver. 
On this basis, H. Lüdeling has further developed the Schneiderian antenna into a modern measuring instrument where exact values can be entered.


With a pendulum hidden vibrations or blockages can be perceived. Thus, things can be perceived that would otherwise remain hidden.