ADS syndrome (attention deficit syndrome)

ADD syndrome cause and symptoms

Melatonin is a hormone produced in the pineal gland – a part of the diencephalon – from serotonin. The main release of melatonin takes place at night during sleep. It is now known in medicine that electrosmog at the sleeping place can sensitively reduce the release of melatonin. Prof. Walz, Uni Bern)
Sufficient production of melatonin is important for a balanced state of mind, among other things. For example, children with the ADS syndrome (attention deficit disorder) have been observed to have insufficient levels of serotonin (precursor of melatonin).
Low serotonin levels in the central nervous system are associated with impulsivity, aggressiveness, and autoaggressiveness in children. By administering melatonin to ADHD children, it was observed that their temperament became more balanced. In general, the children became more alert and sociable.
While you can buy melatonin in any supermarket in the USA , it is not approved in Switzerland and Germany. Long-term studies are lacking. It is feared that artificial supply may throttle the body’s own production.

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Many years of experience

We have been performing house surveys with electronic measuring devices since 1992. Interference fields from mobile phone antennas, Wlan, cordless phones, electronic devices of all kinds, as well as water veins, earth faults and other geological interference fields at the sleeping place are examined. The experience of more than 13,000 radiation measurements shows that patients suffering from ADD/ADHD almost always sleep in a stressed sleeping position.

Non-binding treatment

Load on the pineal gland

If the sleeping place of children is free from electrosmog, the pineal gland can produce enough serotonin and melatonin. Especially with ADS children it has been observed that by removing electrosmog at the sleeping place, even developmental deficits could be made up for.
In modern building biology, sleeping places can now be protected in such a way that electrosmog no longer affects the body. In addition to the protection of electrosmog, our institute also measures the body energy of the affected persons with the acupuncture measurement according to Dr. Voll during a house measurement. This measurement shows whether a symptom such as ADD/ADHD has a connection with exposure to electrosmog.

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Radiation measurement at the sleeping place

The building biologist comes to your home. After brief information and answering initial questions, the bedroom is carefully measured for interference zones. These are logged and explained. Finally, proposed solutions are discussed. The measurement takes 2-3 hours.

Aims of the radiation measurement

Relieve discomfort

Patients with complaints lie in majority on stressed sleeping places. If the sleeping place contactor, the complaints can heal.

Improve sleep

Earth radiation and electrosmog influence the quality of sleep. Often it is impossible to sleep in a heavily loaded place.

Increase life energy

If the body cannot recover at night, the energy build-up is disturbed. Through a protection from stressful radiation, the energy build-up can function naturally again.

Promote health

The immune system becomes weaker and weaker over time in a stressed sleeping place, as the energy for the defense processes is lacking. A protected sleeping place helps to turn this process around.

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