Geomantic disturbances

Water veins

The energetic effect of water has been recognized since time immemorial.
From a scientific point of view, we are talking about groundwater. According to the definition in DIN 4049, “underground water that coherently fills the cavities of the earth’s crust and whose movement is determined exclusively or almost exclusively by gravity and the frictional forces triggered by the movement itself.”
The flowing water underground affects the energy in a room, if the polarity is negative, a disturbance occurs. This disorder can put the body into microstress and affect well-being and performance. If the water vein is harmonized, it can unfold its restorative energy again. 

Sleep disturbances due to underground rock fractures

Fractures, distortions

Imagine a deep crevice in the ground where the earth’s rays are not attenuated enough and come to the earth’s surface in too high intensity. The best known earth fault on earth is the Andreas Fault in America. Geological fractures or faults are caused by tectonic faults that lead to cracks in the earth’s surface and displacements of different layers of the earth. Earth layers of different composition in direct contact cause, among other things, the emergence of an aligned geopathogenic radiation, which propagates from the point of rupture perpendicular to the earth’s surface.