Black Magic and Entities

Curses and spells

Buildings, objects or people can be charged with curses. A curse is a spell that may be applied with an associated gesture. If the curse is done correctly, it will work with a spell until it is resolved. Since curses are also tied to places or objects, they can last for centuries and affect people. Unfortunately, curses are negative, or they are intended to cause harm for various reasons (punishment, revenge, making people atone).

Spirits or souls

For various reasons, souls cannot leave the place of their earthly life and remain on earth instead of going to heaven. Often these souls are attached to or held by people or places left behind. Abrupt causes of death, such as an accident, can also cause confusion and suspend the natural passage to heaven. These souls or spirits then remain in their environment and can also cause negative effects on the survivors (e.g. the deceased wife wants to drive away her husband’s new partner). These souls can be liberated from their confusion and sent to heaven.

Demons and Isóphies

Demons and isóphies are entities that have the ability to spread disorder and evil. They feed on people’s energies and can also manipulate or even occupy people. For a pleasant living-working climate it is essential to clean the environment from such creatures. However, if a person is occupied, it still needs additional measures to clean him from occupation.